FlashGrid Storage Fabric

Software-defined storage for Oracle RAC clusters. Forget storage arrays.


FlashGrid Storage Fabric software enables high-speed shared storage for Oracle clusters in a variety of infrastructure environments including bare-metal servers, private and public clouds, virtual machines, or extended distance clusters.

FlashGrid Storage Fabric

FlashGrid Storage Fabric
for Oracle RAC on private clouds

FlashGrid Storage Fabric and FlashGrid Cloud Area Network software enable Oracle RAC in a variety of private cloud environments, including VMs and bare-metal servers.

Architecture highlights

Shared storage based on disks attached to individual VMs

Fully distributed architecture with no single point of failure

Mirroring of data across nodes

FlashGrid Read-Local Technology minimizes network overhead by serving reads from local storage devices

FlashGrid Cloud Area Network provides additional networking capabilities required by RAC, including multicast, VIPs, and quality-of-service.

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Architecture highlights

Private cloud types

AWS Outpost (also see FlashGrid for Oracle RAC on AWS)
Azure Stack (also see FlashGrid for Oracle RAC on Azure)
VMware Cloud Director
Red Hat OpenShift
Other VM-based or bare-metal

Designed for Oracle clusters

Integrates seamlessly with Oracle Clusterware and ASM
Easy to use for Oracle DBAs
Technical support with deep Oracle expertise.

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