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Billing Platform Provider Moves Database Clusters to AWS, Maintains High Availability SLA

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In order to accelerate roll-out of new SaaS product offerings, Aria Systems decided to use AWS Elastic Compute Cloud for all of their infrastructure including HA database backend running Oracle RAC. The database team approached FlashGrid looking for a solution that would enable running Oracle RAC in AWS.


FlashGrid engineered cloud system enabled Aria Systems to deploy Oracle RAC clusters on AWS.

Example of a production configuration:

  • Two Oracle RAC database nodes: r4.16xlarge
  • Storage: 16 TB on EBS general purpose SSD volumes
  • Oracle Database ver.
  • Oracle Grid Infrastructure ver.
  • Oracle Linux 7
  • FlashGrid Storage Fabric ver. 18.01
  • FlashGrid Cloud Area Network ver. 18.01

FlashGrid Launcher tool provided an easy step-by-step configuration process, automated creating the clusters, reducing the deployment time down to 2 hours per cluster, and made the process repeatable.


Aria Systems database team is now able to deliver Oracle RAC clusters for new applications within two weeks instead of six months while providing the same level of availability to their customers.

“With FlashGrid and AWS we can now deploy a new application within two weeks instead of six months, without compromising our availability SLA.”

David Urban – VP Operations, Aria Systems

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