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FlashGrid Storage Fabric

Software-defined storage for Oracle RAC clusters. Forget storage arrays.


FlashGrid Storage Fabric software enables high-speed shared storage for Oracle clusters in a variety of infrastructure environments including bare-metal servers, private and public clouds, virtual machines, or extended distance clusters.

FlashGrid Storage Fabric

FlashGrid Storage Fabric
for virtualized Oracle RAC

Running Oracle RAC on virtualized nodes allows reducing the amount of hardware while ensuring full isolation of resources between separate databases.


FlashGrid Storage Fabric software enables high-performance storage shared between VMs. Each VM has its own set of dedicated local NVMe SSDs installed in the hypervisor server. Each NVMe SSD provides performance comparable to an all-flash array. FlashGrid Read-Local™ Technology minimizes the storage network I/O between nodes by serving all read requests from local SSDs. Optional use of PCI Pass-Through for the NVMe SSDs and for NICs allows achieving performance of bare-metal while keeping the flexibility of using virtual machines.

Data mirroring and volume management is done by the proven Oracle ASM running inside the VMs, thus eliminating the risk associated with 3rd-party data management.

The solution can be deployed on Oracle VM, VMware, or KVM.

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