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In public cloud. In your data center. Across data centers.

Featured solution: FlashGrid enables Oracle RAC in AWS

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“Implementing Oracle RAC with FlashGrid in AWS is an important milestone in Digital Virgo’s cloud journey.”

Mikolaj Klimek, Deputy Director IT Operations and Infrastructure, Digital Virgo

Supported clouds? Data migration? Pricing?
Performance? Deployment?

Run mission critical databases in the cloud.

Think long-term. Think multi-cloud.

Maximize database availability with extended distance clusters.

Build fast and flexible database clusters using standard hardware.

Database clustering across availability zones is easy with FlashGrid software

Architect or DBA

  • Implement true database HA in the cloud or across data centers
  • Maximize database performance using only commodity infrastructure
  • Leverage proven Oracle Grid Infrastructure platform
  • Have a database cluster running in an hour


  • Eliminate HA challenges in your cloud strategy
  • Operate seamlessly across multiple cloud availability zones or data centers
  • Run in a cloud of your choice – AWS, Azure, Oracle, Google

Solution Provider

  • Help enterprise customers migrate to the public cloud
  • Expand your portfolio of high availability solutions
  • Accelerate your projects by eliminating proprietary hardware

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FlashGrid Storage Fabric

Shared storage is critical for seamless failure handling with zero downtime and zero data loss. FlashGrid Storage Fabric software enables high-speed shared storage in a variety of infrastructure environments including public cloud, bare-metal servers, virtual machines, or extended distance clusters. FlashGrid Read-Local™ Technology minimizes network overhead and enables storage speeds higher than with flash arrays.

FlashGrid Cloud Area Network

FlashGrid Cloud Area Network™ enables running high-speed clustered applications in public clouds or multi-datacenter environments with the efficiency and control of a Local Area Network.

Oracle® Grid Infrastructure Integration

FlashGrid Storage Fabric integrates seamlessly with the most trusted HA platform. The FlashGrid architecture leverages Oracle Clusterware and ASM capabilities and is easy to use for Oracle DBAs. Data mirroring by Oracle ASM ensures compliance with extended distance RAC best practices – across data centers or across cloud availability zones.