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Digital Education SaaS Innovator Uses FlashGrid to Attain Database High Availability on AWS

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Pappaya’s SaaS education suite is used by more than 150,000 students and staff in over 7,000 institutions worldwide. The platform that needs 24/7 uptime required a highly available database backend running in AWS.


FlashGrid offered Pappaya a database backend architecture based on FlashGrid engineered cloud system featuring Oracle RAC database engine.

Two active-active Oracle RAC database nodes ensure the database keeps running even when one of the database nodes is down due to planned maintenance or unplanned VM outages.

Infrastructure-as-Code automation with FlashGrid Launcher made deployment of the database cluster simple and quick while minimizing the risk of human errors.

FlashGrid configuration:

  • Two Oracle RAC database nodes: m5.4xlarge
  • Storage: 5 TB on EBS general purpose SSD volumes
  • Oracle Database ver.
  • Oracle Grid Infrastructure ver.


  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
  • FlashGrid Storage Fabric ver. 18.8
  • FlashGrid Cloud Area Network ver. 18.7


Pappaya’s database team is now able to meet the availability SLA required for non-stop operation of Pappaya Smart School while running the entire database backend in AWS.

“FlashGrid delivers database high availability that we need for running our service in AWS with no interruptions.”

Nataraj Chindam Senior Database Administrator, Pappaya


Advances in digital technology have induced transformation in ways people communicate, which are being translated into valuable teaching tools. Pappaya Smart School is a total digital education solution that leverages a new dimension of interactive teaching solutions. This innovative solution helps teachers engage their students and provide classroom management at heightened levels of efficiency.

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