Database Infrastructure Simplified

At FlashGrid® we make database infrastructure simple, fast, and highly available. We provide a single platform for public cloud, private cloud, and physical environments. Our customers are confident their databases achieve the best performance and uptime SLA.

Our Story

When FlashGrid was founded in 2015, we focused on software defined storage for Oracle database clusters.

With the rising popularity of public clouds, soon our software was at the center of the many mission critical database deployments in the cloud.

We quickly became a leader in delivering Engineered Cloud Systems as an open and self-managed alternative to DBaaS offerings.

We enable our customers' databases to be always available and to successfully run key elements of the global economy.

With the rapid growth and innovation in the public cloud, we continue to innovate and deliver even simpler database infrastructure solutions with even higher performance and uptime to our global customers.


Our Vision

To be the trusted provider of database infrastructure solutions on modern cloud and hardware platforms.

Our Ecosystem

We believe in an open and collaborative approach where multiple industry players contribute their key expertise and products to make customer projects successful. We have technology partnerships with Red Hat, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. We work closely with System Integrators and Managed Service Providers who help customers implement and manage complete solutions that include FlashGrid products.


Network of Global and Local Partners

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Leadership Team

Art Danielov
Art Danielov
Emil Sildos
Emil Sildos
Chief Revenue Officer
Chief Scientist
Raj Ray
Raj Ray
Director of Customer
Stephanie Somers
Stephanie Somers
Head of HR & Operations
Julian Zegelman
Julian Zegelman
General Counsel

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