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Costa Rican Insurer Completes Migration to Azure Cloud, Moves Oracle RAC from Aging ODA to FlashGrid

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When implementing its strategic move to Azure cloud, Sociedad de Seguros de Vida del Magisterio Nacional (SSVMN) had migrated all its infrastructure, except the main database that remained in the datacenter on an Oracle Database Appliance. Even though the datacenter was connected to Azure via Express Route, there were latency issues due to the datacenter location in Costa Rica, and the Azure region located in the US. To stabilize the infrastructure, SSVMN started looking for ways to implement Oracle RAC on Azure.


SSVMN deployed Oracle RAC database using FlashGrid cloud engineered system for Azure virtual cloud appliance:

  • Two Oracle RAC database nodes: E8s_v3 VM type
  •  Data Store: 20 TB usable on Premium SSD disks
  • Oracle Database Enterprise Edition ver.
  • Oracle Grid Infrastructure ver. 19c
  • Oracle Linux 7
  • FlashGrid version 19.10
  • Multi-AZ for maximum uptime


SSVMN consolidated its key Oracle RAC database with the rest of the infrastructure on Microsoft Azure platform. In addition to achieving the main goal of driving database latency under 1ms, FlashGrid-based system demonstrates superior performance on bulk jobs compared to the old ODA solution. The multi-AZ configuration provides better protection against infrastructure failures compared to the
previously used single data center.

“As a financial institution, we need our main database to have low latency combined with 24/7 uptime and support. FlashGrid for Azure delivered all that, together with excellent performance and the ease of automated deployment.”

Dennis Córdoba López IT Director Sociedad de Seguros de Vida

SSVMN de Costa Rica

Since its creation in 1920, the primary function of the Sociedad de Seguros de Vida del Magisterio Nacional has been the administration of mutual life insurance for public and private Costa Rican education workers. Sociedad de Seguros de Vida del Magisterio Nacional seeks to be recognized by associates, family and clients as a solidarity institution, which provides them with financial protection and security through their mutual policy and services.

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