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Microsoft endorses FlashGrid to Azure customers with Oracle Databases

April 16, 2024

FlashGrid and Microsoft are celebrating seven years of successful partnership. To mark the occasion, Microsoft’s senior director, Yvonne Muench, shared the following:

“Thanks to our expert partner FlashGrid, Microsoft customers secure maximum Oracle Database uptime service level agreements in Azure and accelerate data migrations and digital transformations via Oracle RAC in the cloud. FlashGrid Cluster on Azure Marketplace empowers mission-critical Oracle databases of all sizes and configurations in crucial sectors like finance, energy, transportation, government, and more thanks to efficient, high-performance, and resilient infrastructure”

Yvonne Muench, Sr. Director – Marketplace & ISV Journey, Microsoft.

FlashGrid is proud to contribute our technology and support to Microsoft customers, including:

FlashGrid’s technical support ensures the deployment and smooth operation of mission-critical Oracle databases on Azure 24/7, further strengthening the trust and satisfaction of our valued customers. 

Contact FlashGrid today to learn how you could benefit from Azure’s scale and agility with maximum Oracle Database uptime.


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