Database High Availability Simplified

FlashGrid SkyCluster for AWS

FlashGrid SkyCluster is an engineered cloud system designed for database high availability. SkyCluster comes as a fully integrated Infrastructure-as-Code template that you can customize and deploy to your IaaS cloud account with a few mouse clicks. 24/7 support with deep database and IaaS cloud expertise ensures smooth database operation during the entire life of your applications.

Run your most critical databases in AWS

  • Highly available clustered database with 2, 3, or more nodes
  • Proven Oracle RAC database engine
  • Multi-AZ for maximum availability
  • Repeatable Infrastructure-as-Code deployment
  • Performance optimized for the most demanding workloads
  • 24/7 support

Right-size at the start. Resize as needed. No downtime.

  • CPU from 4 to 64 cores per node
  • Memory up to 3904 GB per node
  • Storage performance up to 450K IOPS (read/write)
  • Storage capacity up to 100's of TB

Have your cluster running in 90 minutes

SkyCluster Launcher lets you create an Oracle RAC cluster in your AWS account with just a few mouse clicks. Save time on configuring the network, storage, OS, and Grid Infrastructure software. The entire cluster configuration process is fully automated and repeatable. Whether you need it for a production deployment, testing, training, or self-education, deploying an Oracle RAC cluster has never been easier.

Tasks automated with SkyCluster Launcher:

  • Creating cloud infrastructure: VMs, storage, and optionally network
  • Installing and configuring FlashGrid Cloud Area Network
  • Installing and configuring FlashGrid Storage Fabric
  • Installing, configuring, and patching Oracle Grid Infrastructure
  • Installing and patching Oracle Database software
  • Creating ASM disk groups

Simple billing through AWS

SkyCluster uses AMI images listed in AWS Marketplace. The marketplace software fees are charged by the hour and include FlashGrid software license subscription and base 8x5 support. 24x7 support is available with annual subscriptions. Please note that the marketplace fees include FlashGrid software and support only. Licenses and support subscriptions for Oracle Database and for RHEL / Oracle Linux must be purchased separately.

To get access to the FlashGrid AMI:

  1. Open the corresponding product page: Oracle Linux 7 based or RHEL 7 based
  2. Click Continue button
  3. Select Manual Launch tab
  4. Click Accept Software Terms button
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Launch SkyCluster in your AWS account now

Need a cluster with 4+ nodes or with local SSDs? Send us a support request. We will create a configuration optimized for your environment.