Database High Availability Simplified

FlashGrid SkyCluster enables Oracle RAC in Azure

Oracle RAC is the most trusted high availability solution for running mission critical databases. FlashGrid SkyCluster is an engineered cloud system enabling infrastructure capabilities required for running Oracle RAC in AWS.

  • Advanced network capabilities required by RAC: multicast, virtual IPs, segregation of different types of traffic
  • Shared high-performance storage accessible from all nodes in the cluster
  • Automated and repeatable Infrastructure-as-Code deployment

FlashGrid Cloud Area Network

FlashGrid Cloud Area Network™ software enables migration of mission-critical applications to the public cloud by bridging the gap between the limited network capabilities that the public clouds provide and the capabilities required for achieving maximum availability. FlashGrid Cloud Area Network™ enables running high-speed clustered applications in public clouds or multi-datacenter environments with the efficiency and control of a Local Area Network.

FlashGrid Storage Fabric

FlashGrid Storage Fabric turns local drives into shared drives accessible from all nodes in the cluster. The local drives shared via FlashGrid Storage Fabric can be block devices of any type including Premium Storage SSDs, local SSDs, or LVM volumes. The sharing is done at the block level with concurrent access from all nodes.

Each database node has a full copy of user data on its local drives. The FlashGrid Read‑Local™ Technology allows serving all read I/O from the local drives and increases both read and write I/O performance. Read requests avoid the extra network hop, thus reducing the latency and the amount of the network traffic.

High Availability with Multiple Fault Domains

Each Azure cloud region has several fault domains. The fault domains are isolated from each other while providing high speed network connectivity between them. Placing Oracle RAC nodes in separate fault domains provides high availability above the level achievable in a traditional data center.

Flexible Performance

Azure offers variety of VM sizes with different numbers of CPU cores and different memory sizes to meet the needs of various database workloads. When more resources are needed, the instance types of the database nodes can be easily changed one by one without causing database downtime.

Premium Storage SSDs can provide a single cluster with over 100K IOPS, which is comparable to a dedicated all-flash array.

Integrated with Oracle Grid Infrastructure

FlashGrid Storage Fabric integrates seamlessly with the most trusted HA platform. FlashGrid SkyCluster leverages Oracle Clusterware and ASM capabilities and is easy to use for Oracle DBAs.

Automated deployment with a few mouse clicks

Create a high availability cluster in the cloud in just a few mouse clicks. The process of deploying cloud resources, clusterware, and HA storage is fully automated with FlashGrid SkyCluster Launcher.