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FlashGrid in LATAM: Elevating Oracle Database uptime on Azure Cloud

October 31, 2023

FlashGrid elevating Oracle Database uptime on Azure in LATAM

FlashGrid, a Microsoft ISV partner, has served customers in LATAM since its establishment in 2015. The company offers a suite of products on the Azure Marketplace specifically designed to enhance the uptime of Oracle databases. With an experienced team fluent in Spanish and Portuguese based in Mexico and Sao Paolo, FlashGrid is well-positioned to cater to the needs of organizations in this large and diverse region.

The cloud and Oracle Database trend in LATAM

LATAM is witnessing a surging trend towards cloud computing, evident in Microsoft’s plan to extend its cloud regions to more Latin American countries. Currently, Microsoft Azure provides multi-AZ (Availability Zones) in Brazil’s South region, and expansions into Chile Central and Mexico Central are imminent. FlashGrid, cognizant of this shift, ensures its availability across all Azure regions.

Oracle databases are extensively deployed in Latin American countries, powering critical applications and services. Database downtime is synonymous with service disruption, particularly for transaction processing services that demand 24×7 availability. Even brief database downtime can cascade into application tier failures, leading to prolonged service recovery times.

Meeting the uptime challenge

Organizations seeking maximum database uptime necessitate a robust High Availability (HA) architecture. This entails reliable and compatible components, appropriately sized systems, proper configuration of workloads, effective workload control, continuous testing, improvement strategies, and meticulous planning for maintenance (especially without an Active-Active architecture and requiring planned downtime).

While organizations could construct their own HA solutions, the more cost-effective and convenient alternative is to leverage one of FlashGrid Cluster’s flexible configurations. FlashGrid also provides round-the-clock support to ensure the seamless operation of mission-critical applications, as well as aiding in new deployments and system assessments.

Tailored Recommendations

For organizations requiring a 99.999% uptime SLA, FlashGrid recommends the deployment of FlashGrid Cluster for Oracle RAC on Azure with 3+ nodes. Cost-conscious customers may instead opt for FlashGrid Cluster for Oracle Failover HA on Azure. In both cases, it is recommended to optimize uptime by distributing nodes across multiple Availability Zones (AZs).

To guarantee LATAM customers select the best configuration for their unique requirements, FlashGrid provides free system assessments and consultations in Spanish or Portuguese with dedicated Solution Architects.

Transition from On-Premises to Cloud

Organizations still reliant on on-premises servers for Oracle databases might hesitate to migrate to the cloud. FlashGrid proposes they explore its potential with a POC (proof of concept) trial. Very often, DBAs and System Architects are pleasantly surprised by an equivalent or superior performance, the familiar environment and toolset, and a seamless lift-and-shift process with zero changes to source code.

Adherence to regulations

FlashGrid draws on its substantial experience in the finance and government sectors to understand the stringent regulations in countries across LATAM. A case study of the Costa Rican National Life Insurance Authority exemplifies FlashGrid’s commitment to compliance.

At the forefront of cloud infrastructure

Finely tuned storage is crucial for optimal Oracle database performance. FlashGrid’s latest release, version 23.09, officially supports the new Azure SSD v2 disks. Premium SSD v2 offers superior throughput at up to 5.6 times less cost than Premium SSD (v1) and Ultra disks, without the need to overprovision storage capacity. This stands as a testament to FlashGrid’s unwavering ability to stay at the forefront of HA database infrastructure and cloud technology.


FlashGrid remains committed to delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed the evolving expectations of organizations in the dynamic landscape of LATAM.

In-house teams and Azure partners are welcome to learn how to improve Oracle database uptime by contacting FlashGrid and requesting a demo.


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