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Triple the performance of your single-instance Oracle databases

October 17, 2022

Single-instance Oracle databases on Amazon Web Services (AWS) support mission-critical applications for organizations such as government, financial services, healthcare, and more.  Inevitably, there will be times when the required throughput exceeds the limits of your single-instance database. You could add another Oracle instance, but that would increase complexity and cost. Is there a way to get more out of your existing database?

FlashGrid says yes. We have developed a virtual appliance that can greatly enhance the performance of your single-instance Oracle database: FlashGrid Cluster for Oracle DB on AWS. While this particular version is a new offering, the underlying technology has been vetted in a number of real-world mission-critical Oracle RAC deployments. For example, FlashGrid Cluster technology enables the processing of tens of thousands of transactions daily for Elizabeth River Crossings in Virginia. 

3X Performance Increase

FlashGrid Cluster brings the benefits of our FlashGrid Cluster for Oracle RAC solution to single-instance users who need more performance. FlashGrid Cluster bypasses the storage limitations of a single EC2 virtual machine by extending database storage to additional EC2 instances, eliminating the I/O bottleneck that otherwise limits performance. The results are impressive: Boosted by the FlashGrid Cluster virtual appliance, a single Oracle instance running on one EC2 compute node can deliver up to 22,000 MB/s and 1,250,000 IOPs with a miniscule 0.036 ms read latency.  In effect, FlashGrid Cluster gives you triple the performance of your Oracle database on AWS on a single EC2 virtual machine.


Easy To Deploy and Maintain

A natural objection to introducing a new product is the fear that it will increase complexity and make it harder for your staff to do their jobs. With FlashGrid Cluster, the opposite is true. 

We designed this product with DBAs in mind. FlashGrid Cluster is easy to set up using infrastructure-as-code deployment methods based on a user-defined AWS CloudFormation template – most deployments are up and running within 90 minutes.  And FlashGrid Cluster doesn’t interfere with their day-to-day work – your DBAs retain full control of EC2 instances, operating system, and Oracle software. 

Security managers will be happy too, because FlashGrid has no access to the data and therefore cannot compromise your data security strategy.  

Every FlashGrid product comes with our highly trained technical support. Unlike other component vendors, we offer 24/7 technical support in the analysis, deployment, and maintenance of the entire infrastructure stack. Our technicians are experienced in Oracle and they love the challenge of helping you maximize your investment in Oracle database technology. 

High Availability and Disaster Recovery

In addition to greatly improved performance, FlashGrid Cluster for Oracle DB on AWS also includes proven features for high availability and disaster recovery.  FlashGrid Cluster increases database uptime and allows switch-over to the second DB server for planned maintenance. Also, if the primary DB server fails, FlashGrid Cluster’s automatic failover switches to the second DB server without manual intervention. And no data is lost in the process, thanks to shared storage: RPO equals zero.

FlashGrid Is Catching On

You may not have heard of us yet, but AWS recommends FlashGrid Cluster for Oracle RAC on their cloud and FlashGrid is an Oracle technology partner. But the real proof of the value we offer comes from our customers, who say things such as “The deep database knowledge of the FlashGrid team is impressive” and “We were able to migrate dozens of mission-critical Oracle RAC databases to AWS with FlashGrid without sacrificing performance or availability.” (You can find all our case studies here.)

FlashGrid Cluster for Oracle RAC could be just the solution you are looking for to boost the performance of your single-instance Oracle database. If you want to learn more, we are happy to talk to you and provide more information.  Contact us at to learn more. 


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