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Break the performance barrier for Oracle database on Azure Cloud

October 26, 2021

FlashGrid announces general availability of a high-performance storage product for single instance Oracle databases, the FlashGrid® for Oracle DB on Azure.

Whether processing high-volume payments transactions or running end-of-month reporting, many Oracle databases require storage throughput that exceeds the limits of a single Azure VM. FlashGrid addresses this problem by extending the storage to additional VMs and delivering up to 6,000 MB/s and 240,000 IOPS – three times the throughput of a single VM.

A virtual appliance, FlashGrid for Oracle DB is built with standard Azure VMs. Simple to set up, it is delivered as an Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template that includes both the database and storage servers. All components of the stack are selected and tested for performance, reliability, and compatibility. At the same time, administrators retain full control of the VMs, OS, and the database software. 

“FlashGrid has already helped many Oracle customers who need high availability on Azure. Now we are also bringing high performance to the broader audience of single instance Oracle database customers, removing one of the last barriers in the way of migrations to the cloud.”, said Art Danielov, CEO FlashGrid.

It is available now in all Azure regions, including U.S. Government Cloud and China, and is delivered through Azure Marketplace. 24/7 support for the entire infrastructure stack is included.



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