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Run Oracle RAC on Azure with FlashGrid – Apply for up to $3,000 Azure credits

October 7, 2020

FlashGrid engineered cloud system is a robust, simple, and fast way to establish highly available Oracle RAC clusters on Azure. In collaboration with Microsoft, FlashGrid is offering up to $3,000 Azure sponsorships for qualified parties to test, deploy and run FlashGrid. With the offer, you can enjoy a trial run of 30 days without paying FlashGrid fees and Azure infrastructure fees within the allowance up to $3,000*. During the trial, you will have access to FlashGrid support to help with the deployment and test.

Interested? Request free trial of FlashGrid and mention that you would like to get the Azure credit.

* Subject to approval by FlashGrid and Microsoft. Having an active Oracle support subscription is a prerequisite. Applicant will need to accept additional terms and conditions in the course of processing the application. Offer limited to first 10 applicants. Exact sponsorship application amount up to $3,000 to be decided by FlashGrid at its sole discretion.


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