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Oracle E-Business Suite in AWS: Reference Architecture for High Availability

January 19, 2018

How do we move our entire IT infrastructure to the cloud including our most critical enterprise applications? How do we ensure same level of availability in the cloud? These are the tough questions that many CIOs face today.

At FlashGrid we have been helping enterprises achieve high availability in the cloud for the databases that are at the heart of mission-critical enterprise applications. Now we are expanding on that and presenting a reference architecture for running the entire Oracle E-Business Suite application stack in the AWS cloud – with high availability.

Highly available Oracle EBS uses Oracle RAC technology for its database HA, which presents infrastructure requirements – shared storage and advanced network features – that are not natively available in the cloud. This is where the FlashGrid software comes to the rescue:

  • FlashGrid Storage Fabric enables shared access to local disks. It also makes storage management very DBA-friendly by tightly integrating with Oracle ASM.
  • FlashGrid Cloud Area Network connects all cluster nodes with a transparent Layer-2 network that supports virtual IPs and multicast.
  • FlashGrid Cloud Provisioning automates deployment of the cluster infrastructure, including configuration of Oracle Grid Infrastructure software. You get an appliance-like experience, while keeping full control over the VMs, the OS, the Clusterware, the database, and the application software


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