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Oracle databases in Google Cloud attain new levels of performance

December 20, 2023

FlashGrid Cluster unlocks maximum availability for Oracle databases on Google Compute Engine with uptime SLAs as high as 99.999%. Yet many databases in mission-critical applications must also consistently sustain very high performance. To that end, recent innovations from Google Cloud can be used with FlashGrid Cluster version 23.10 to attain new performance levels that surpass those of typical on-premises systems.

Highlights from Google Cloud’s latest advances:

  • C3 and C3D VM types now have state-of-the-art NVMe storage interfaces and deliver up to 10 GBPS of throughput per VM.
  • Hyperdisk Extreme storage volumes, a type of Persistent Disk, deliver up to 350,000 IOPS and 5 GBPS of throughput per disk.
  • Tier_1 network capability enables up to 200 Gbps of network bandwidth.
  • Network Maximum Transfer Unit (MTU) of 8896 bytes reduces network transfer overhead by up to 5x.

Combining these new capabilities generates an infrastructure capable of handling extremely large databases with extremely high transaction processing rates. A 3-node Oracle RAC cluster can now reach 30 GBPS of throughput and 1.5 million IOPS, and with a larger number of nodes, even higher performance numbers are possible.

“Organizations can now migrate Oracle databases from high-cost on-premises systems to Google Cloud more confidently than ever. Combining FlashGrid Cluster, Google’s latest advancements, and the support of our expert team, they will experience unparalleled uptime and performance.”

Art Danielov – CEO of FlashGrid

A clustered RAC database can be (and should be) deployed in a multi-AZ configuration to elevate HA and uptime above that of a typical on-premises deployment confined to a single data center and vulnerable to data center outages. This eliminates the need to experience prolonged downtime or engage in a disaster recovery plan if power or cooling fails in the data center. Furthermore, FlashGrid Read-Local technology enables Multi-AZ configurations without compromising performance.

Have you delayed migrating from on-premises to Google Cloud because of Oracle Database performance or uptime concerns? Now is the time to change that, and the FlashGrid team is here to help.

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