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FlashGrid streamlines Terraform IaC deployment of Oracle databases on AWS

January 24, 2024

FlashGrid streamlines Terraform IaC deployment of Oracle databases on AWS

AWS customers who use Terraform as their IaC platform and want to run mission-critical Oracle Databases in AWS can now deploy FlashGrid Cluster using Terraform templates.

FlashGrid Cluster is an engineered cloud system that enables Oracle RAC and Oracle Failover HA on Amazon EC2. It is delivered as an IaC template for easy setup in AWS.

Terraform is often preferred by cloud architects and DevOps professionals due to its Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) approach and broad support for various cloud platforms. Terraform’s declarative syntax and modular design allow users to efficiently define and provision infrastructure components. Integration with popular version control systems, such as Git, enhances collaboration, ensuring that infrastructure changes are tracked, versioned, and auditable. This makes it a popular tool among organizations seeking to streamline infrastructure management and automate cloud resource provisioning.

“As we continuously improve our software, we listen to customers and explore ways to enhance their experience. With this latest release, our goal is to enable users to seamlessly connect FlashGrid Cluster with their preferred IaC deployment tools.”

Art Danielov – CEO, FlashGrid

FlashGrid Launcher generates templates for CloudFormation or Terraform, which automate key tasks such as:

  • Creating cloud infrastructure: VMs and storage
  • Installing and configuring FlashGrid software
  • Installing, configuring, and patching Oracle Grid Infrastructure
  • Installing and patching Oracle Database software
  • Creating ASM disk groups

Standardized IaC templates help users minimize costly human errors that could compromise reliability and availability. The entire deployment process takes approximately 90 minutes; once complete, the cluster is ready for creating databases.

For AWS customers who prefer Terraform over CloudFormation, FlashGrid Launcher version 23.09 (or newer) provides REST API for generating Terraform templates.

Those wanting to discover the agility and reassurance gained from IaC deployments for Oracle databases in AWS can contact FlashGrid today.

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