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FlashGrid now supports Oracle Database 19c

July 15, 2019

We are excited to announce that our newly released FlashGrid version 19.06 now supports Oracle Database version 19c and uses Grid Infrastructure 19c.

Version 19c is a long-term support release from Oracle with extended support available through 2026. This makes it ideal not only for new mission critical deployments, but also for upgrading legacy systems running versions 11.2 or older.

For Oracle Database customers who still run on legacy UNIX systems, FlashGrid 19.06 with Oracle Database 19c is a great opportunity for migrating to the more cost efficient and agile industry standard Linux/x86 architecture in AWS, Azure, or GCP public cloud while ensuring long term support.

“Most of our customers plan to run their Oracle databases on FlashGrid for many years. With version 19c they can minimize changes during the lifetime of a database, which is always a good thing for a mission critical environment.” said Alex Miroshnichenko, CEO FlashGrid.

About FlashGrid

FlashGrid is an engineered cloud system designed for database high availability. FlashGrid runs proven Oracle RAC database engine to deliver best-in-class active-active high availability in the cloud for the large ecosystem of enterprise applications running on Oracle Database.


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