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FlashGrid enables automated deployment of database clusters via Azure Government Marketplace

July 31, 2018

FlashGrid solution for running Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) in Azure has garnered a lot of attention from government agencies and solution providers catering to the public sector. As more government IT infrastructures select Azure as their cloud destination, there is an increasing need for running mission-critical clustered databases in the cloud.

FlashGrid has announced availability of its offering on Azure Government Marketplace. This important milestone gives government customers access to the same streamlined automated cluster provisioning process that has been available to the commercial Marketplace customers.

The FlashGrid offer on the Azure Government Marketplace works in combination with the FlashGrid Cloud Provisioning Tool. For a government customer, the process is now as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Use the online FlashGrid Cloud Provisioning Tool to configure cluster parameters and generate an Azure Resource Manager template.
  2. Deploy the Azure Resource Manager template. The template will allocate Azure resources, install and configure the cluster.
  3. Create or restore a cluster database using standard Oracle tools.

The benefits of using FlashGrid Government Marketplace VM are not limited to technical aspects only. Billing and support are equally simplified, with the customers billed by Azure Marketplace, and FlashGrid wrapping its licenses and support subscription fees into two convenient SLA packages within the Marketplace offer: Mission-Critical 24×7 with 30 minute critical issue response time, and Base 8×5 for test, development and evaluation use.


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