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FlashGrid Cluster now compatible with AWS Dedicated Local Zones

November 30, 2023

FlashGrid Cluster now compatible with AWS Dedicated Local Zones

FlashGrid is delighted to announce that its cutting-edge product, FlashGrid Cluster, seamlessly integrates with AWS Dedicated Local Zones. 

Designed to run Oracle RAC or Oracle Failover HA in public clouds, FlashGrid Cluster can now be deployed in AWS Local Zones and AWS Dedicated Local Zones.

Key features and benefits:

Enhanced security and governance controls: AWS Dedicated Local Zones empower organizations with enhanced security and governance controls, ensuring greater visibility and control over their data. Features include data access monitoring, audit programs, and controls to limit infrastructure access. FlashGrid Cluster is a virtual appliance that runs in EC2 environments, providing FlashGrid with no access to data and retaining the level of security intact.  

Operational control: Local AWS personnel operate the Dedicated Local Zones, providing elasticity, scalability, pay-as-you-go pricing, and the same high AWS security standards as AWS Regions and Local Zones. FlashGrid’s Oracle and AWS experts are also available around the clock to provide support with analysis, deployment, and maintenance of the entire database infrastructure stack.

Simplified architectures: Achieve consistency in your architectures with AWS infrastructure, services, APIs, and tools, simplifying the management of complex cloud environments.

Use Cases:

Sensitive workload isolation: Dedicated Local Zones allow organizations to isolate sensitive workloads on dedicated cloud infrastructure, meeting specific security and governance needs.

Regulatory compliance: Collaborate with AWS to configure private zones with enhanced security and governance capabilities tailored to meet regulatory requirements.

Cloud migration and modernization: Migrate Oracle database workloads to the cloud and modernize database infrastructure with FlashGrid Cluster for Oracle RAC or Failover HA with AWS Dedicated Local Zones, reducing operational overhead and accelerating innovation.

“The compatibility of FlashGrid Cluster with AWS Dedicated Local Zones will enable the move to cloud computing for major Oracle Database users in banking, government, and other sectors where security, data sovereignty, and governance are crucial.”

Art Danielov – CEO of FlashGrid.

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