FlashGrid for Oracle RAC

Engineered Cloud System designed for database high availability
Leverage 99.99% uptime SLA with Active-Active multi-AZ deployment
Infrastructure-as-Code deployment with a few mouse clicks
Performance matching or exceeding most on-premises systems
24/7 support for entire infrastructure stack

Case studies

Conversational and Cognitive AI Leader Chooses FlashGrid for Database High Availability in Azure Cloud

“FlashGrid provides us all elements needed for running our mission-critical Oracle databases in Azure: storage and networking software, deployment automation, and 24×7 support”

Jay Wilder

Sr. Director of Software Engineering

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Pivotree helps a global retailer to migrate Oracle ATG Commerce to AWS and to double holiday sales, selects FlashGrid for running Oracle RAC.

A global retailer was facing the constraints of their on-prem infrastructure that were jeopardizing fast growth of their online business. The retailer decided to migrate the entire Oracle Commerce infrastructure to AWS and turned for help to Pivotree, a global commerce and information management services firm. A key part of the infrastructure was an Oracle RAC database cluster responsible for non-stop processing of customer orders. Pivotree selected FlashGrid for running Oracle RAC on AWS and performed thorough performance and reliability evaluation and testing. The new infrastructure on AWS went live just in time for 2019 holiday season.

During this critical time, the new system was able to handle a record amount of sales with zero downtime.

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International Sheet Metal Processing Equipment Manufacturer Simplifies Database HA with FlashGrid in Azure

“FlashGrid proved to be a reliable solution that is easy to implement and support for us as a systems integrator”

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Global exchange selects FlashGrid for running Oracle RAC database backend on Azure for new securities products

When launching cryptocurrency futures trading, a newly formed division of an established international exchange operator decided to put their entire infrastructure on Azure cloud. However, they faced the challenge of running their backend database with sufficiently high availability to power the non-stop futures trading operation. After several months of performance and reliability testing, FlashGrid with Oracle RAC was selected as their database platform.

With three database nodes spread across three availability zones, FlashGrid leverages the 99.99% uptime SLA offered by Azure for multi-AZ deployments.

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Oracle RAC on Azure with FlashGrid – 1-Minute Introduction


Oracle RAC on AWS with FlashGrid – 1-Minute Introduction


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