FlashGrid SkyCluster Demo at Oak Table World 2018 as an Example of Infrastructure-as-Code Approach in Action

Oak Table World “is an informal, casual un-conference focusing on Oracle technology”. This modest tagline brings together the best skilled and most influential people in the Oracle community. Oak Table members gathered for their year 2018 main event at the Children’s Creativity Museum (sic!) right next to the Oracle OpenWorld 2018 tradeshow.

FlashGrid SkyCluster had the honor of being featured as an example of infrastructure-as-code deployment in the “Game-Changing Developments In The Cloud” talk given by Iggy Fernandez, Oracle ACE and editor of the Northern California Oracle Users Group Journal. The demo showed how FlashGrid SkyCluster running Oracle RAC can be easily configured and deployed in AWS EC2 in a fully automated fashion. FlashGrid SkyCluster is an engineered cloud system designed for database high availability. SkyCluster comes as a fully integrated Infrastructure-as-Code template that admins can customize and deploy to their organization’s IaaS cloud account with a few mouse clicks.

Check out the presentation and the demo video below to see how infrastructure-as-code paradigm reduces the days and weeks of work previously required to create a highly available clustered database system to just about 90 minutes of automated configuration and deployment.

Game-Changing Developments In The Cloud, Iggy Fernandez

Screencast: Creating a RAC cluster in AWS using Infrastructure-as-Code approach, 5 minutes

FlashGrid SkyCluster for AWS

FlashGrid and DBvisit enable DR for Oracle RAC in the cloud