Database High Availability Simplified

Entry-Level HA Databases

Oracle RAC Standard Edition 2 (SE2) is a perfect solution combining enterprise-grade high availability with the entry-level licensing cost. The FlashGrid software enables a storage solution for RAC SE2 that features high availability, high performance, cost efficiency, and is also very simple.

The smallest storage configuration can be created by just adding one NVMe SSD to each of the database nodes and connecting the nodes with two back-to-back 10 GbE links.

The FlashGrid Read-Local Technology minimizes network and CPU overhead by serving all read operations from local SSDs at the speed of the PCIe bus. NVMe SSDs provide the lowest latency access to storage among all existing storage technologies. Optionally, direct back-to-back InfiniBand connectivity can be used to minimize latencies of the write operations and accelerate transaction execution.

The combination of the FlashGrid Read-Local Technology, NVMe SSDs, and the optional InfiniBand/RDMA connectivity provides the best latency characteristics among all available storage technologies. This is especially critical with the Standard Edition due to the higher dependency on efficient execution of single-threaded queries.

The high bandwidth of the NVMe SSDs enables consolidation of multiple databases on a single 2-node cluster. The multiple databases can share the same SSDs or can use dedicated disk groups to minimize interference.

The databases can be configured as RAC, RAC One Node, or Single-instance with manual fail-over.

For extended distance clusters (with nodes located at different sites) the FlashGrid architecture provides a unique distributed synchronous storage solution that combines the benefits of both high availability and disaster recovery.

The solution can be deployed on bare-metal or on virtual machines.