Database High Availability Simplified

Scalable Storage for Private Database Clouds

Scalability, high performance, flexibility, cost-efficiency, and avoiding vendor lock-in – these are all critical requirements for storage in a private database cloud. But they are difficult, if not impossible, to meet with proprietary storage arrays while keeping the acquisition and operating costs at acceptable levels. In contrast, the FlashGrid software enables fully distributed architecture that leverages commodity hardware and removes the limitations imposed by the storage arrays.

Scale up with powerful servers and high-capacity storage. Scale out with multiple nodes or multiple clusters. Use bare metal for best performance. Virtualize for maximum agility. Design your database cloud for rapid growth and with sufficient flexibility to accommodate new types of applications or customers.

FlashGrid Advantages 

  • Linear scalability of storage capacity and performance, from 2 to 100 nodes per cluster.
  • Unlimited number of clusters. Zero interference between the clusters.
  • Choice of converged (storage + compute) nodes or separate storage and compute nodes
  • Commodity NVMe SSDs available from server OEMs and flash memory vendors.
  • Choice of industry standard x86 servers.
  • Choice of network fabric: 10/40/100 GbE or 56/100 Gbps InfiniBand.
  • Minimized risk of data loss or corruption by leveraging Oracle ASM for volume management and data mirroring