for Oracle DB on Azure

Engineered Cloud System for running Oracle databases on Azure cloud. Easy and repeatable deployment with higher performance, better uptime, and 24/7 support.

FlashGrid for Oracle DB on Azure

Extreme performance configurations (preview)

FlashGrid enables extreme performance for Oracle Databases on Azure by using one of the following technologies:

Local SSD with persistency through data mirroring

Mv2-series VM type, up to 208 cores and 11 TB of memory

Local SSD

Data warehouse applications or databases that use heavy full-table scans will benefit from 20 000 MB/s of storage throughput on fast local NVMe SSDs. Mirroring data between the local SSDs and Premium SSD disks provides persistency of data.

Lsv2-series VMs have up to 15 TB of local SSD capacity. Additional Premium SSD capacity can be added for larger databases.

Local SSD

Mv2-series VMs

Instances with up to 208 physical cores and up to 11 TB of memory can serve extremely heavy workloads, thus eliminating the need for more complex clustering or sharding.

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