Database High Availability Simplified

Mission Critical Meets Cloud

Public clouds provide IT organizations with the flexibility and elasticity that are not possible in the traditional data center. Today it is possible to bring new enterprise applications online in hours instead of months. Backend databases are an integral part of many mission critical applications. Ensuring high availability of the databases is a critical challenge in the cloud migration strategy.

Oracle RAC in Public Cloud

Oracle RAC is the most trusted high-availability solution for running mission critical databases. However, the public cloud infrastructure capabilities are not sufficient for running Oracle RAC out of the box. FlashGrid software enables Oracle RAC in any public cloud including AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle Compute Cloud, or Oracle Bare Metal Cloud.

How It Works

  • FlashGrid Cloud Area Network provides a high-speed network overlay with multicast and QoS
  • Local drives (elastic block storage or local SSDs) are shared between all nodes in the cluster
  • Data is mirrored by Oracle ASM across multiple nodes or availability zones

Prevent Network Congestion

Network congestion can substantially reduce performance of a database cluster. The FlashGrid Read‑Local™ Technology reduces network traffic by up to 90% or more by serving read requests from local drives instead of moving data over the network. FlashGrid Cloud Area Network ensures QoS by managing bandwidth and priorities of different types of network traffic.

Designed for Oracle RAC

FlashGrid software leverages proven Oracle ASM capabilities for volume management, data mirroring, and high availability. With FlashGrid managing storage is an easy task for DBAs and server administrators.

Cost-Effective Database HA in The Cloud

Looking for a cost-effective HA database solution for your applications in the cloud? Oracle RAC Standard Edition and FlashGrid combined together provide the highest HA and reliability at a lower total cost than open-source RDBMS solutions.