Database High Availability Simplified

Mission Critical Meets Cloud

Public clouds provide IT organizations with the flexibility and elasticity that are not possible in the traditional data center. Today it is possible to bring new enterprise applications online in hours instead of months. However, ensuring high availability of applications and databases is a critical challenge in the cloud migration strategy.

High Availability Clusters in Public Cloud

High availability clustering technologies require advanced infrastructure capabilities, such as shared block storage for continuous data availability and virtual network addresses for seamless fail-over. However, these capabilities are not available in public clouds.

FlashGrid Storage Fabric and FlashGrid Cloud Area Network software addresses this challenge and enables advanced HA clustering solutions in public clouds. Integration with the proven Oracle Clusterware platform provides a reliable and high-performance solution for running the most demanding mission-critical applications and databases in public clouds including AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle Compute Cloud, or Oracle Bare Metal Cloud.

High Availability Cluster in Cloud

Use Cases

  • Oracle RAC active-active database clusters
  • Database fail-over clusters including Oracle EE/SE, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server
  • High availability application server clusters

How It Works

  • FlashGrid Cloud Area Network provides a high-speed network overlay with virtual IPs, multicast, and quality-of-service
  • FlashGrid Storage Fabric turns local disks - elastic or local SSDs - into shared disks accessible from all nodes in the cluster
  • Data is mirrored synchronously between nodes - no lag, no lost transactions
  • Integration with Oracle Clusterware provides HA services for storage and compute resources, databases, and applications


Create a high availability cluster in the cloud in just a few mouse clicks. The process of deploying cloud resources, clusterware, and HA storage is fully automated with FlashGrid Cloud Provisioning.