Database High Availability Simplified

FlashGrid Cloud Area Network

FlashGrid Cloud Area Network™ (CLAN) enables running high-speed clustered applications in public clouds or multi-datacenter environments with the efficiency and control of a Local Area Network.

A typical network configuration in a public cloud or between data centers provides only a single communication channel between VMs or servers. Even configuring additional NICs may not be enough because the channel bandwidth is shared between the NICs. This constraint makes high-performance clustering challenging because a lower priority traffic (such as backup) can occupy all available bandwidth and starve other types of traffic. Additionally, multicast support required by clustering software if often not available. FlashGrid CLAN addresses the limitations described above by creating a set of high-speed virtual LAN networks and ensuring QoS between them.

Network capabilities enabled by FlashGrid CLAN

  • Each type of traffic has its own virtual LAN with a separate virtual NIC, e.g. fg-pub, fg-priv, fg-storage
  • Negligible performance overhead compared to the raw network
  • Minimum guaranteed bandwidth allocation for each traffic type while accommodating traffic bursts
  • Low latency of the cluster interconnect in the presence of large volumes of traffic of other types
  • Transparent connectivity across Availability Zones
  • Multicast support