Database High Availability Simplified

Partner-Branded HA Database Machines

FlashGrid Storage Fabric software enables solution providers and OEMs to build highly available and powerful appliances for Oracle databases and clusters. FlashGrid Storage Fabric enables a wide range of configurations for OLTP, mixed-use, data-warehouse, and local disaster recovery use-cases. Partners package standard server hardware, software, and services to fit their customers’ needs. FlashGrid helps partners with the full product cycle - from the initial specification to customer support.

Contact FlashGrid at [email protected] to discuss designing appliances optimized for your customer base.

Benefits of the FlashGrid Storage Fabric

  • Dedicated Flash storage
  • Low latency and high bandwidth with NVMe SSDs
  • DBA-centric management
  • Ultimate flexibility in selection of hardware configurations

Examples of Database Machine Configurations

RAC Standard Edition

2 hyper-converged nodes with a pair of direct links, InfiniBand or Ethernet, no storage interconnect switch.

Storage capacity:
1.6 TB
10 GB/s

Mission-critical OLTP database

3 hyper-converged nodes, a pair of direct Ethernet links between each pair of nodes, no storage interconnect switch.

Storage capacity:
8 TB
29 GB/s

Large data warehouse

6 storage nodes, two InfiniBand switches.

Storage capacity:
288 TB
120 GB/s

“With FlashGrid and AWS we can now deploy a new application within two weeks instead of six months, without compromising our availability SLA.”

David Urban, VP Operations, Aria Systems

“FlashGrid SkyCluster provides us all elements needed for running our mission-critical Oracle databases in Azure: storage and networking software, deployment automation, and 24x7 support.”

Jay Wilder, Sr. Director of Software Engineering, Nuance Communications

“Implementing Oracle RAC with FlashGrid in AWS is an important milestone in Digital Virgo’s cloud journey.”

Mikolaj Klimek, Deputy Director IT Operations and Infrastructure, Digital Virgo

“With our new virtualized RAC running on FlashGrid architecture we do a 125GB full table scan in 6 seconds. That is an 11x improvement over our previous setup.”

Sam Shiel, Oracle DBA, Simplyhealth