Database High Availability Simplified

Partner-Branded HA Database Machines

FlashGrid Storage Fabric software enables solution providers and OEMs to build highly available and powerful appliances for Oracle databases and clusters. FlashGrid Storage Fabric enables a wide range of configurations for OLTP, mixed-use, data-warehouse, and local disaster recovery use-cases. Partners package standard server hardware, software, and services to fit their customers’ needs. FlashGrid helps partners with the full product cycle - from the initial specification to customer support.

Contact FlashGrid at [email protected] to discuss designing appliances optimized for your customer base.

Benefits of the FlashGrid Storage Fabric

  • Dedicated Flash storage
  • Low latency and high bandwidth with NVMe SSDs
  • DBA-centric management
  • Ultimate flexibility in selection of hardware configurations

Examples of Database Machine Configurations

RAC Standard Edition
2 hyper-converged nodes with a pair of direct links, InfiniBand or Ethernet, no storage interconnect switch.

Storage capacity:
1.6 TB
10 GB/s

Mission-critical OLTP database
3 hyper-converged nodes, a pair of direct Ethernet links between each pair of nodes, no storage interconnect switch.

Storage capacity:
8 TB
29 GB/s

Large data warehouse
6 storage nodes, two InfiniBand switches.

Storage capacity:
288 TB
120 GB/s