Database High Availability Simplified

FlashGrid Cloud Provisioning for Azure

Use the FlashGrid Cloud Provisioning online tool to create an Oracle RAC cluster in your Azure account in just a few mouse clicks. Save time on configuring the network, storage, OS, and Grid Infrastructure software. The entire cluster configuration process is fully automated and repeatable. Whether you need it for a production deployment, testing, training, or self-education, deploying an Oracle RAC cluster has never been easier.

Tasks Automated with FlashGrid Cloud Provisioning

  • Creating cloud infrastructure: VMs, storage, and optionally network
  • Installing and configuring FlashGrid Cloud Area Network
  • Installing and configuring FlashGrid Storage Fabric
  • Installing, configuring, and patching Oracle Grid Infrastructure
  • Installing and patching Oracle Database software
  • Creating ASM disk groups

VM Image and Pricing

Cluster node VMs are created using a FlashGrid VM image available at Azure Marketplace. The image is based on Oracle Linux 7 or RHEL 7 and includes FlashGrid Storage Fabric and FlashGrid Cloud Area Network software. Either Base 8x5, or Mission Critical 24x7 support is included depending on the selected SKU.

To estimate the expected costs please see FlashGrid VM Plans and Pricing. Please note that the prices include Azure VM and FlashGrid software and support only. Licenses and support subscriptions for Oracle Database and Oracle Linux / Red Hat Enterprise Linux must be purchased separately.

Microsoft Azure Certified

Let's Start

  1. Upload Oracle files to your Azure storage container – see the list of files below
  2. Select a cluster size below (for more than 3 nodes contact FlashGrid support)
  3. Configure cluster parameters and generate an Azure Resource Manager template
  4. Deploy the cluster in your target region using the template
  5. Wait approximately 90 minutes for the cluster initialization to complete
  6. Use DBCA to create a database – see details in FlashGrid Cloud Provisioning Guide

Oracle Files for Uploading to Azure Storage Container

All database versions

Database version 12.2

Database version 12.1 EE

Database version 12.1 SE2

Database version 11.2