New FlashGrid white paper: “Open storage architecture for private Oracle database clouds”

Enterprise IT is transitioning from proprietary mainframe and UNIX systems to private and public clouds based on industry standard x86 servers and GNU/Linux operating system. Oracle Grid Infrastructure and Oracle RAC high-availability architectures make this transition possible even for mission-critical applications and database systems.

In contrast to the compute systems, transition of the storage systems from proprietary to industry standard hardware lags behind. Even the most technologically savvy enterprise SaaS and hosted application providers are still tied to proprietary storage systems for their database back-end. The dependency on the proprietary storage systems limits the scalability and agility required in the new cloud economy.

Arguably, the biggest challenge with the storage has been reliance on the spinning hard-drives. The low performance and high failure rates of the hard-drives created the need for large and complex storage systems housing hundreds of hard-drives along with complex caching, auto-tiering, QoS, and failure protection mechanisms. However, standardization and commoditization of PCIe NVMe SSDs simply eliminates the need for the complex proprietary storage systems.

In this white paper we introduce an open storage architecture that enables enterprises and cloud service providers to build scalable and flexible storage foundation for Oracle database clouds using commodity x86 servers and PCIe NVMe SSDs.

Open storage architecture for private Oracle database clouds

Download the whitepaper:

-Artem Danielov