FlashGrid version 16.3 has been released

Version 16.3 is now GA and available for download. The new version provides even more flexibility for building the most efficient storage configurations and makes it even easier for Oracle DBAs to manage the database storage.
New in FlashGrid version 16.3:

    • Switchless network configurations with more than two nodes.
    • FlashGrid Disk Group Management Tool for simplified management of ASM disk groups on top of FlashGrid disks.
    • Stretched clusters with more than one node per site.
    • Encryption for data at rest. (preview mode)
    • Support of Oracle Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 4 (UEKr4 U1)

Want to try the new version, but don’t have the required hardware readily available? Ask us about an Instant PoC on Amazon.

FlashGrid Team