Instant FlashGrid PoC

Today we are happy to announce our new Instant Proof of Concept program.

Do you want to try a new software before deploying it? The answer is probably yes, especially if your mission critical database depends on it. But immediate availability of hardware may become a problem.

Now you can try the FlashGrid software quickly and without any hardware! You can test it on a pre-configured Amazon cluster: 2 nodes, 3 nodes, or up to 8 nodes, hyper-converged nodes or separate database and storage nodes. Obviously, on such virtual cluster you will not be able to experience all the performance advantages that FlashGrid brings with real NVMe SSDs and RDMA fabric. But you can still get familiar with the software, see how it integrates with ASM, create your own disk groups, and even simulate some failure scenarios to see how HA works.

We welcome Oracle database customers, solution providers, and consultants to try it out. Just send us an email at [email protected] with a brief description of your target environment, so we can customize the cluster for you. In most cases we should be able to give you access to the test cluster the following day after we receive your request.

FlashGrid Team
Mar 8, 2016

Disclaimer: FlashGrid Inc cannot guarantee access to the program to all interested parties. The program is designed for qualified Oracle database customers, solution providers, and consultants.