FlashGrid version 15.12 beta is now available

It’s an exciting day at FlashGrid. Version 15.12 is now available for beta testing. Here are the most important new features that make FlashGrid-based storage architecture even more robust and even more admin-friendly.

    • Dynamic disk sharing. Adding, removing, or replacing SSDs does not require changes in the FlashGrid cluster configuration.
    • FlashGrid Configuration Assistant helps configure a new FlashGrid cluster in a few easy steps.
    • FlashGrid Disk Group Configuration Assistant helps configure ASM disk groups with FlashGrid disks in a few easy steps.
    • Cluster-wide monitoring of all nodes and disk groups.

We welcome your feedback! You can download 15.12 beta from here: https://www.flashgrid.io/beta-downloads/
Want to see a quick demo before setting up your servers? Just send us an email.

-Artem Danielov
Dec 3, 2015