New FlashGrid white paper: “Converged storage architecture for Oracle RAC based on NVMe SSDs and standard x86 servers”

Excited to start this blog with the announcement of a white paper we wrote with help from Intel. In this white paper we discuss a new storage architecture for Oracle RAC that is based on standard x86 servers with Intel SSD DC P3700 under Oracle Linux 7. Management of the storage is done by FlashGrid software integrated with Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM). We also provide storage performance measurement results for 2- and 3- node Oracle RAC clusters and compare them to performance specifications of a popular flash storage array.

Take a look at the chart from the paper showing how a RAC database running on FlashGrid with twelve SSDs ($51K in total) has almost 10X higher bandwidth than what an XtremIO flash array ($350K) can provide.

Oracle CALIBRATE_IO: FlashGrid vs. XtremIO bandwidth

Here is the paper:

-Artem Danielov, 20 Oct 2015